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General Information about Workshops

  • You will be lying on the floor, sitting and/or standing during the workshop. 
  • Wear clothing that does not restrict movement, i.e. sweats, yoga clothing, etc. Consider wearing layers so you can make adjustments for comfort.
  • Depending on the workshop space, yoga mats and blankets may be provided OR you may be asked to bring your own.
  • If you are asked to bring your own equipment, please bring a yoga mat (or thicker pad) and 3 folded bath towels for head support.
  • If you are being treated by a medical professional, please confirm the suitability of Feldenkrais with them. The workshop instructor is also available to discuss your situation.
  • If you have difficulty getting down to the floor and back up, please request that an exercise table be brought for your use.
  • Audio recordings are for the sole use of workshop participants. They are not meant for any redistribution or use beyond workshop participants.
  • Refunds for workshops will be considered on a case by case basis. Refund may not be possible due to the fact that workshops require a minimum number of participants to be viable. Please make sure you can attend the event and/or plan to benefit from the recordings before you register.